Henry Angel Trackhead to Lankeys Ck Campsite

The initial part of this section of the walking track has been designed as an easy and interesting day walk. It’s on a foot track following Burra Creek which, over 100 years ago, was an important alluvial gold and tin mining area. The mining changed the creek and the surrounding countryside extensively and descriptive plaques will help to make the mining activities clear to walkers.

Remnants of mining operations on Burra Creek

Note the channel that has been cut through the rock. It’s hard to believe that these vertical rock walls are the result of the controlled use of dynamite. This cut, and other cuts upstream from it, were made so that upstream deposits (soil, sand, gravel, rock, tin and gold) trapped behind rock bars could be sluiced downstream and the gold and tin trapped.

4km from Henry Angel Trackhead,  just north of the junction of Burra Ck and Tumbarumba Ck, the falls described by Hovell are reached.

Beyond Tumbarumba Creek, you enter the Bogandyera Nature Reserve. It’s a long climb to the top of the next ridge then an equally long drop down the other side to Mannus Creek, which contains the backed up water of Lake Mannus and is a haven for waterbirds.

Forestry trails just east of Munderoo Campsite

From Mannus Lake Campsite (which offers waterfront views) a foot track along the edge of Mannus Lake is followed and then a gravel road is used to reach Mannus Campsite, a further 5.5km. From here it is 8km by road back to Tumbarumba.

The next 25km of the walking track is in Mannus and Mundaroo State Forests. Mundaroo Campsite is 12.4km from Mannus Creek Campsite but there are a couple of other spots to camp along the way.

Upon reaching the western boundary of Mundaroo State Forest, walkers will be above Carboona Gap on Jingellic Road. There’s a stile to help negotiate the fence and a visitors book, ready for perusal and signing, in a plastic tube.

About 11km of the track beyond Munderoo State Forest is within the private property, ‘Clear Springs’.  Please be reminded that you must stay on the track and not disturb stock.  Camping and the lighting of res are not permitted on private property.

The track crosses Coppabella Creek and then circles around the end of a ridge and heads back up Lankey’s Creek.  The track crosses the creek and goes out onto the Jingellic - Holbrook Road, which has to be used for about 3.5km to reach Lankeys Creek Campsite.  The campsite is a pleasant spot for an overnight stay. This must have been close to the explorers resting place where Hovell made a lengthy entry in his journal describing how the flies and mosquitoes were making conditions unbearable.