Navigational Aids

Although the track is now very well signposted, the reassurance of navigating by GPS and the extra information it provides is a great asset.  On this page you'll find a range of resources to help with navigation on the track.  These mapping resources will make your trip a lot more enjoyable by allowing you to see exactly where you are at any time, and how far it is to the next campsite or town.

Geo-referenced pdf maps

Georeferenced maps are map images that contain map coordinates that tell mobile software (tablet or phone) where the map is positioned on the earth's surface.  Coupled with the GPS hardware of your device, these maps can show you where you are on the map at any time, even when outside of the range of a mobile phone network or WiFi.  The maps require the use of special software on your phone or tablet.  We recommend Avenza's PDF Maps to render these files on your device. 

Map Packages

The following maps have been produced in JPEG and GeoTIFF format.  The latter is contained in a ZIP archive with an accompanying file that contains the geographic information and is required by the mobile software to show your position on the map.

Map 1 - Cooma Cottage to Burrinjuck Waters | JPEG | GeoTIFF

Map 2 - Burrinjuck Waters to Micalong Creek Campsite | JPEG | GeoTIFF

Map 3 - Micalong Creek Campsite to Blowering Campsite | JPEG | GeoTIFF

Map 4 - Blowering Campsite to Buddong Hut | JPEG | GeoTIFF

Map 5 - Buddong Hut to Henry Angel Trackhead | JPEG | GeoTIFF

Map 6 - Henry Angel Trackhead to Munderoo Campsite | JPEG | GeoTIFF

Map 7 - Munderoo Campsite to Tin Mines Campsite | JPEG | GeoTIFF

Map 8 - Tin Mines Campsite to Great Aussie Resort | JPEG | GeoTIFF

Map 9 - Great Aussie Resort to The Hovell Tree Albury | JPEG | GeoTIFF

Last updated March, 2017

Mobile phone-based navigation

standard map kit pdfs

The NSW Department of Industry - Lands has published a map kit (example below) that covers each section of the track.  This series of maps are currently being updated, however in their current state, they are still a very useful resource.  They can be purchased via the Crown Lands website.


gpx files for gps devices

GPX Downloads

Currently only the full alignment is available, but we are working to produce a range of GPX files for the various track sections.

In this section you can download files for your GPS device.  The file format provided is GPX, a universal GPS format which is compatible with most devices.


Garmin Connect Course - Link